Our people

Our ability to deliver high-quality audits depends on the talent and commitment of our people and how well they work together as a team. That is why creating high-performing teams, attracting, developing, inspiring and retaining great people, and promoting an inclusive culture are central to our purpose.

Attracting top talent

Delivering quality audits starts with hiring the right people. In addition to looking for people with strong intellectual competencies and demonstrated achievements, we look for people who have energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead and who demonstrate integrity, respect and the ability to team effectively. We now have more than 10,700 US audit professionals.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) is imperative to us. To deliver quality audits, we believe we need high-performing teams that maximize the power of different opinions, perspectives and cultural references.

Our commitment to hiring women and providing opportunities for them to advance into leadership positions is a key element of our D&I strategy. We are also committed to increasing ethnic diversity. We are especially proud of the fact that 43% of our new partners this year were women or minorities.

Retaining and engaging our professionals

Retaining our top performers is crucial to our ability to perform high-quality audits. Their experience and skills provide the continuity we need to perform quality work.

Providing a flexible work environment helps us retain top talent and develop high-performing teams. One way we do that is by helping our professionals achieve a better work-life balance. Average overtime hours for our partners and other audit professionals have continued to decrease over the past three years.

Due to our efforts, our retention rate for non-partners who received our top performance rating increased by one percentage point to 87% over the past two years. We also retained 92% of our top-rated senior managers and managers in fiscal 2016. Those numbers far exceed our overall retention rate for non-partners of 79%.

Developing our people

Our training is aimed at teaching our professionals to think critically and focus on risk, understand the professional standards and evaluate whether they have sufficient appropriate audit evidence, all with professionalism and due care.